Best 30 Minute Workout for Beginners

Starting a new workout routine can be a bit frightening especially when one has never been working out lately. Keeping one’s motivation and morale up is tough. Beginners need to keep many things in their minds before starting, e.g. what is the right time, intensity, duration and exercise to begin with? What type of workout suits your body type? What are the rules to start a new workout routine? Etc. Once a person gets the answer to these simple questions, he can have a great start with working out.

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The fundamental principle to start a workout as a beginner is “set small goals.” You might have come across the famous proverb “slow and steady wins the race,” it is authentic about starting a workout. Always set small, realistic goals which are easy for a beginner to achieve. A beginner must keep his morale high because the results of working out are not immediate; they might take a long time to become visible. The body might start getting sore in the first few days of following the workout routine but over time the body will get used to it, and the person will feel very light and fresh. It is recommended that the beginners start the workout for a shorter, e.g. 15-30 minutes and of low intensity with large rest-periods between different exercises. An important question that arises in this regard is what is a good 30-minute workout routine for beginners? A straightforward answer to this question is given here.

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Start with a 5-7 minutes warmup activity or exercise. Warmup exercised are an essential component of a good 30-minute workout routine for beginners. Warmup exercises are some low-intensity exercises that help in regulating the body muscles, and such exercises also control the blood flow and heart rate. Some of the best warmup activities are jumping jacks, knee hugs, arm circles, leg swings, side shuffles, etc. These exercises help in preparing the body for upcoming exercises.


After warming up for 5 minutes, we move towards the main exercises. One needs to do 1 set of the following exercises back to back and then repeat the whole circle with a 2-minutes gap in-between the sets. The equipment required for a good 30-minute workout for beginners are dumbbells, jump rope, and a rowing machine.

1. Walking Lunges help in a symmetrical toning of the body and helps in improving the body’s balance and control. It also boosts the functioning and stability of the spine. One needs to hold dumbbells in his/her hands and continue making lunges in such a way that he moves forward with each move.

2. Split Jumps help in strengthening the cardiac and leg muscles. This exercise is a form of jumping which involves a lunge-like position of the legs and then continues doing such jumps for alternating legs.

3. Single-Leg Deadlift Rows is a very beneficial exercise for toning the quadriceps and hamstrings (leg muscles). It also helps in enhancing the body’s balancing capabilities and strengthens the body muscles. It can be done by holding a dumbbell in left hand and shifting the body’s weight to the right leg and holding the position for few seconds and vice versa.

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4. Jump Rope is one of the simplest yet hard to perform an exercise which produces excellent results. It helps in improving body parts’ coordination. It is beneficial in burning calories, improving bone density and cardiovascular health. It makes one look and feel smarter. Jump a rope for as long as 1 minute and do it as fast as you can.

Several sets of these exercises should be done to get the required results.

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