Best 6 – Day Workout Routine

In the recent past, the fitness industry has shown a significant inclination towards 6-day workout routines. A 6-day workout routine is a complete 6-day package of several sets and reps of different exercises and includes a rest day as well. 6-day workout routines can be done to achieve different goals at different times. Some people follow 6-day workouts to lose weight while others might follow it to increase strength and buildup muscles or to get in shape. One fundamental question is of crucial importance for the people who seek to develop or obtain a 6-day workout routine. The question is what is a good 6-day workout routine for the gym? The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems to be. Different people have different preferences, and diverse body types so what can be the best universal 6-day workout routine at the gym which will be equally useful for everybody.

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A good 6-day workout routine for the gym should have an adequate amount of sets of exercises which target the fats and muscles of all body parts. Different days should be allotted to focus on different body parts in such a way that the body does not get strained, and there should be an ample amount of rest in between the routine. It is not possible to get in shape or get fit with the help of workout routines only. In addition to a good 6-day workout routine for the gym, one must have a properly balanced diet with an ample amount of peaceful sleep, hydrated body and a relaxing state of mind.

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An example of a good 6-day workout routine for the gym is presented here

Day-1 (Chest and Triceps)

The first day focuses on workouts which help in toning and maintaining the chest area and the triceps. The exercises might feel a little hard as it’s the first day and the body is not used to such training. The first day must include exercises like dumbbell presses (both inclined and flat), incline flys and pec decks for the chest and skull crushers, rope extensions and pulldowns for triceps. By the end of the day, one’s body might feel tired or on the verge of collapse, but it’s normal.

Day-2 (Back and Biceps)

The second day is mostly the hardest because the body is already fatigued due to the previous day’s workout but the second day is the most important. It includes exercises that target the back areas and the biceps. The exercises are hyperextensions, grip chins, and rows and narrow grip pulldowns for the back while concentration and bar curls for the biceps. One feels very strained and fatigued by the end of this workout.

Day-3 (Legs and Shoulders)

One feels very fresh and light by the third day because the body has restored from the previous workout stress. The third day consists of exercises to target the legs and the shoulders. The exercises included are squats, leg curls and extensions for legs and shoulder raises, presses and shrugs for the shoulders.

Day-4 (Rest Day)

The fourth day is the rest day, and it allows the body to restore to its original muscle state. One should try to stay moderately active even on the rest day. The rest day should be “active rest day.”

Day-5 (Chest and Triceps)

One should repeat the exercises from day one on the fifth day, so the body learns to adapt to the workout plan, and the chest and triceps’ area gets targeted again.

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Day-6 (Abdominals)

The sixth days includes exercises to target the belly region/ abdominal area. The exercises are crunches, hip thrusts, and hanging knee raise.

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