Best bicep workout

Let’s be honest with each other, which muscles of professional bodybuilders inspire you the most? For me, hands down bicep muscles are the answer. There is no one out there who doesn’t like well-shaped and firm bicep muscles which are non-squeezable. No matter how hard someone presses them, if you’ve worked hard with your biceps, they won’t get squeezed (I bet). 

However, to make the biceps strong, a well-thought-out workout is unavoidable. You cannot merely lift some weights now and then and think it would do the trick. To give every bicep tendon a nice bulge, you’d have to plan your exercise steps and incorporate them into your routine workout sessions. 

Some workout enthusiasts start doing heavy exercises snappishly as they want to see the bicep curls real quick, but little do they know that it’d weaken their arms’ strength.

To make your arms strong and curled simultaneously, working out gradually is the key. No need to rush and no need to go hard on yourself, follow these easy-to-do best bicep workout steps and see your biceps becoming stronger and sexier. 

Still puzzled about what is the best bicep workout for you? Here’re the answers!  – follow them and see the results real quick! 

  • Best dumbbell bicep workout 

If you want to toughen the long heads of your biceps, look no further than the incline dumbbell hammer curl. Moreover, these curls will strengthen your tendons and reduce the chances of wrist sprains post workouts.

How to do incline dumbbell hammer curls?

  • In this exercise, settle down on a horizontal chair with your shoulders straightened downwards and dumbbells in your hands.
  • From that position, you have to move your arms upwards and bring them in front of your chest. This way, all pressure will be on your shoulder muscles and the long heads of your arms. 
  • Incline dumbbell hammer curls are best dumbbell bicep workout you can incorporate in your workout routine. 
  • Initially do 2-3 reps of these curls in between other exercises and gradually increase the number of reps once your arms have become resilient enough. 
  • Best workout for mass 

Have you seen those bulky and firm biceps every bodybuilder flexes? If yes, you must be aware of the time it takes for turning the soft flesh into a hard mass. 

The incline inner-bicep curls are the best workout for mass which doesn’t take much time and energy before giving you resilient and firm biceps.

How to do it?

  • All you need is a horizontal chair and two dumbbells (of your preferred weight). 
  • Settle down on the chair with your back straightened firmly, and your arms pointed downwards with dumbbells in them. 
  • Bring your arms in equilibrium with your chest and start curling them towards your face. 
  • If you’re new, go for one arm at a time while the other one is still pointed towards the floor. 
  • Gradually start doing the curls with both arms and increase the dumbbell weight as well. This workout routine is very effective for getting heavy arms (which you can boast) and also fortifies your spine. 
  • However, it is crucial to maintain a steady posture while you do these curls. If you lift your back or are tilted towards a side, chances of
  • muscle stretch and sprain will be there.

    EZ-bar curls

Although doing bicep workout while laying down is much effective, you cannot attain a perfect posture unless you do some standing curls. These EZ-bar curls are identical to inclined inner-bicep curls except for the fact that you’d be doing these in standing position. 

As I said earlier, maintaining a straight back is critically essential to attain 100% results of all bicep workouts because all the bones and tendons are interlinked. If any of them gets deformed during exercise, you’ll have to bear the cost of pains and sprains. 

Doing EZ-bar curls is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Stand straight, preferably in front of a mirror so that you can see your muscle movement and get a good adrenaline rush while working out. 
  • Lift a barbell with bearable weight on it (you can always increase the weight when you feel like it). 
  • Make sure your arms are straight while your lift the barbell and bring it at a level of your pelvic (hip) bone. 
  • From there, start moving the barbell upward and bring it in front of your chest. Stay there for a brief time i.e., 2 seconds and move the barbell back down. 
  • Repeat this exercise in sets of 10 and ensure that your bones don’t get sprained. Additionally, you can gain an impressive amount of mass through this exercise and that too while keeping your arms firm and non-squeezable.
  • Best bicep workout for size 

As you know, we all have different bone sizes and strengths. Some of us have slightly slender bones, and it takes enough practice to increase their size and make the shoulder bone wider. 

In that case, doing a bicep workout for size is a must. The wide-grip standing barbell curls will immensely help you and make your shoulder joints stronger and broader. 

Here’s how to do these curls:

  • Stand straight with a one-foot gap between your two thighs. 
  • Hold up a barbell, but keep your two arms widely separated i.e., at least 2 feet distance between the two. 
  • And start doing curls. Are you confused about how these wide-grip curls will increase your shoulder size? 

Here’s how:

When you move two arms widely apart from each with force, the shoulders bear pressure. Your whole arm faces pressure; the short head, long head, elbow joint, and shoulder joint all move up and down in harmony. After repeatedly doing that, the muscles, veins, and bones become stronger, and the soft flesh turns into a hard mass which eventually increases the size. 

You only need to be consistent with this exercise, and oh yes, don’t let the fatigue overcome your passion because the reward of this hassle will be worth watching! 

  • Best chest and bicep workout 

If you are interested in developing a sexy collar bone along with massive biceps, the Zottman curls should be your ultimate choice. These curls are different from regular curls as they include continuous rotation, and all shoulder and chest muscles will get worked up during your Zottman sessions. 

How to do Zottman curls?

  • Stand with a straight posture (it is vital in all workout routines). Lift the dumbbells in both hands with your palms facing upward. 
  • Move your arms up at a level with your shoulders and quickly flip your hands to make your palms facing downward. 
  • The sole purpose of Zottman curls is to toughen up your forearms, shoulders, and chest at the same time. 
  • When you quickly flip your hands while holding weight in them, it leaves pressure on all upper body joints, and that gradually increases the power of your arms and chest. 
  • Regular-grip barbell curl 

Unlike the wide-grip barbell curl, the regular-grip curls won’t exert your shoulder strength and only emphasize the long head of your bicep. 

Here’re the steps to do it:

  • Stand straight with a barbell in your hands, palms facing upward and hands slightly parted. 
  • A distance of less than 1ft. between your two hands is okay. 
  • Slowly lift your both arms and start curling. Doing three reps of regular-grip barbell curls will stiffen the long heads of your arms, and you’ll soon feel a bulge in both arms. 
  • By maintaining this routine, your arms’ flesh will be hardened, and good shape of bicep and triceps muscles will become evident.

Best workout for girls

Everyone loves to have curved arms be it, girls or boys. However, if you are a girl who is just starting the bicep workout routine, barbells might be troublesome for you. In that case, doing bicep curls with dumbbells will be equally effective and solidifying for your arms. Dumbbell bicep curls have the same routine as barbell curves and do the same carving to your biceps. 

Best workout for girls

Steps of doing it:

  • Find the dumbbells with the weight you can bear without having a sprain. 
  • Stand in front of a mirror with a firm back, no bending or tilting. 
  • Pick up dumbbells in both hands and keep your arms straightened in alignment with your pelvic bone. 
  • Curl one arm and then the other. Switching between arms is advisable if this is your initial phase, once you’re a seasoned workout enthusiast, increase the dumbbells’ weight and curl both arms simultaneously. 

Hammer curl 

Hammer curls are also called power curls as all elbow, and arm muscles are worked up during these. When you do regular hammer curls, chances of the weight diverting towards other muscles are persistent. But in these hammer curls, you’d be using a bench to support your arms so that there is no diversion. 

I’ll tell you how to do it:

  • Get a bench or a stool (preferably a cushioned preacher bench) on which you can put your body weight and sit calmly with your back and legs stiff yet relaxed. 
  • Place your arms on the higher surface of the preacher bench (they’re in every gym, finding them is not a problem) and make sure your arms are facing upwards. 
  • Hold the hammers and make your arms a little stiffer. From there, start curling upwards. Do regular 2-3 reps of these curls while ensuring that all bicep muscles are powered. 
  • These curls are a bit difficult and might leave your arms strained for a while, but the results will leave you mesmerized, I am sure. 

Best back bicep workout 

When you are busy carving your bicep muscles, the back muscles are often neglected, and their power is sometimes sacrificed to gain the “show muscles.” But luckily, with these overhead cable curls, you can boost up the power of both biceps and back muscles at the same time. 

  • All you need is an overhead cable curl set-up which is available in all training centers and gyms. 
  • Stands with a stiff back between those cables and hold the handles. 
  • Make the bicep pose you’d love to do in future and start pulling that cable towards your head. 
  • Working on one arm and then moving to the other is also an option but it is advisable to use both cables at once. 
  • This is the best bicep workout without weights where only pulling a cable is required to carve your beautiful bicep muscles. 

Behind the back cable curl 

This is another best back and bicep workout without any weights required. Frankly, this will immensely help you in gaining an athletic posture and healthy joints. If you’re afraid of back strain, forget it. 

How to do these curls?

  • Behind-the-back cable curls are done with the help of low pulley of a cable machine. 
  • You’d have to attach a D-handle with this pulley to bring the cable in front of your chest. 
  • After attaching D handle, walk a bit away from the cable machine, stop when there is a tension in the cable cord. 
  • Take a step ahead and place your right foot in front of the other. 
  • And yes, your arms must be behind your back slightly stiffened. 
  • From the back, pull the cable cord unless it reaches your chest. 
  • Make sure your back is straight, and there is no bend in your arms and legs either. 
  • As all above-described exercises, you can do these pulls in sets to ensure that the muscles aren’t over-exhausted. 
  • Once you are trained enough with this pulley, you can also add some additional chains and bars to increase the weight. 

Wrap up 

Ah! Exercising and having magnificent biceps is not a piece of cake. Your whole body will be exhausted at times, and you might feel like giving up. But hey! For bodybuilders, there’s not a thing like giving up. 

Even if you’re tired, don’t stop; because if you do, you’ll have to put in the double effort next time. 

Work hard on your “Flex muscles” now, and reap the advantages later when everyone would like to know the secret behind your strong muscles, and you’d smile and say “work hard and don’t stop.