Chris Pratt Workout

Drooling over the hand-to-hand combat power of Star-Lord from GOTG is not surprising; he’s got that charisma to attract us all. His agility to tackle the enemy in seconds and flip him over is something we all love. 

But, did you know the man behind that enchanting Star-Lord costume used to be a chubby youngster before his role in Guardians of the galaxy?

Yes, you heard that right, Chris Pratt used to weigh 289lbs only a year before he was casted for GOTG. 

Surprising, isn’t it? Because the Star-Lord we’ve seen is a sexy, muscular, and appealing man, who isn’t even close to being obese. 

How did that miracle happen, you ask? Well, Chris has worked endlessly to tone his body and get in shape. 

Luckily, we’ve got our hands on his secret (which isn’t much of a secret as he is pretty open about his weight loss journey). Read on and find the great Chris Pratt workout and start following it now (because who doesn’t want to look like Chris Pratt?). 

Motivation is the key 

The first thing you should remember before starting the Chris Pratt workout routine is motivation. Without having a clear goal in mind, you’ll give up midway because this workout routine is not a piece of cake. 

You’d have to cut everything out of your diet and rely on the set diet chart, draining workout routine is also there in the picture. So, are you ready to shred those extra pounds? If yes, let’s start: 

Chris Pratt workout duration 

Chris worked on himself for 6 continuous months, without any cheat day. He was loyal to his diet chart, and there wasn’t any loophole in it. 

According to him, his workout duration was of 4-6 uninterrupted hours for 5 days a week. During these hours, he used to do cardio, kick-boxing, swimming, running, and weight training.

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Each exercise was divided into sections and planned by a certified fitness trainer, Duffy Gaver. Duffy was determined to transform Chris from a cutie to a hottie; he did it, we have seen the results. 

Chris Pratt workout plan 

As Chris stated in his interview, “I was an unlikely superhero,” he had definite plans to tone his body quickly. For 6 months, he was working out non-stop according to his fixed chart. Here is 7 days Chris Pratt workout plan:

Day 1 to 3 

The first three days of the week are intense. You cannot skip any exercise, and you must comply with the chart. Major exercises for these 3 days are:

Barbell curls4
Plank 20 seconds
Hanging leg raise3
Reverse curls3
Dips 3
Cable fly3
Deadlift 4
Oblique crunch 3
Leg press1
Squats 3

The table above is describing the weekly routine of
Chris Pratt transformation workout. When you aim to follow Chris’s footsteps, get ready for stiff muscles, exhausted body, and weakened legs. 

However, once you enter the 2nd month with this intricate Chris Pratt workout plan, your body will adopt these changes, and you’ll feel energized. 

Day 4 

4th day of the week should be a break day for your body. On this day, you can take a stroll around the street, go for a quick jog in the morning, or explore the nearby park in the evening. The key here is to remain active all day every day. The minute you think about giving rest to your body, you’ll become lazy, and your motivation might die down. 

Day 5 

The 5th day should be dedicated to muscle growth and body toning. You should do military press, shoulder press, overhead extension, and similar stretch exercises for your upper body muscles. 

We suggest you opt for hammer curls, EZ bar curls, and Zottman curls. These would enhance your upper body mass, and you’ll get a step closer to Star-Lord like body. 

Day 6 

This day should consist of a quick workout session to keep your muscles active and stop them from stiffness. An exercise session of 5-10 minutes, including pull-ups/downs, squats, curls, and plank, would work great. 

Day 7 

To start your next week actively and attain quick results of Chris Pratt Zero Dark Thirty workout, a break is a must. Spend your Sunday as off day and do not indulge in any heavy exercise. Instead, walking, going out, or climbing the stairs would be enough. 

Chris Pratt diet plan 

Having a controlled diet is the main factor behind speedy and long-lasting results. If you keep exercising and do not see what you’re ingesting, the results would never be the same.

Chris’s diet plan used to consist of lots of water and paleo (veggies, fruits, lean meat, and fish) diet. 

You cannot have processed food, dairy products, liquor, soft drinks, and sweets. Eat loads of veggies, and drink plenty of water accompanied by a strict workout routine. 

And that’s it! 

I know this is sounding like an impossible errand, but once you get into it, you’ll feel its worth. Having a body like Chris Pratt is not a dream anymore, start working on yourself now and become a Start-Lord lookalike (just kidding).