A Complete Beginners in Workout – Where Should I Start?

THE EXPERT IN ANYTHING WAS ONCE A BEGINNER. This famous proverb encourages everybody to start doing the un-done things, getting new experiences and exploring the unexplored. If you have recently decided to get fit, you want to start working out to get healthy, you want to change your old lazy lifestyle and don’t know where to star, you are at the right place. If you are a newbie in the fitness journey, one question will always strike your mind, where do I start? The answer to this simple yet difficult to answer question is given here in an elaborate way. The article explains the guide for complete beginner in workout and rules that describe everything about working out. How to plan a workout? What kind of exercise are best for you? What to do at what time? All these questions are answered here.

Starting a new workout routine can be a frightening and challenging experience, but once into it, one gets able to lead a healthy and better life. Persistent training can provide different benefits e.g.

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased tendon and ligament strength
  • Increased bone density and protection
  • Decreased fat cells
  • Boosted metabolism
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A complete beginner in workout needs to start by keeping the following things in mind

  • What is your body type?
  • What kind of workout suits you the best?
  • Always set realistic goals
  • Slow and steady wins the race- take small steps towards your large goals
  • Follow your passion

Exercises are of many kinds, and most of them produce the same results, i.e. weight loss and a fit body. Beginners should first find out their interests and passion and then choose exercise accordingly. One can choose walking, running, dancing, gardening, cycling, or even every-day house chores. The duration and intensity of the workouts are also of crucial importance. One should start with more natural exercises and do them for shorter durations, and then gradually increase both the intensity and duration of the exercises. It is not possible for a complete beginner in a workout to get immediate results. One must show patience and wait for some time until the results are visible. Another essential thing to be taken care of is that what is the type of the person’s body, e.g. either he/she is over or under-weight, is he/she having a saggy or a bowed body, etc.

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Once a person is clear about his/her body type, he/she can decide what kind of workout does his body need, e.g. cardiovascular exercises for over-weight people, strength training for under-weight people, etc. Also, one should always adopt a workout routine that seems interesting to them, if it interests you and you have fun doing it, you are inevitably going to get benefit from it. The person can initially start with bodyweight training that can even be done at home without the need of any instructor or special equipment and then gradually moves towards strength and cardiovascular training programs that are supervised by certified instructors and are performed in gyms with specialized, high-quality equipment.

There are several common mistakes that almost all beginners make while selecting and following different workout routines e.g.

  • Expecting the results too soon- one should not be impatient for the results.
  • Straining your body- excessive working out can prove very harmful for beginners.
  • Not resting properly- a proper rest of at least 24 hours between two successive workouts is essential.
  • Depending only upon workout routine- it should always be kept in mind that just working out doesn’t help a person become fit. A properly balanced diet and a sound and relaxing state of mind and atmosphere are also of crucial importance.
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