Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

Exercise plays a vital role in improving one’s physique and helping him/her stay fit. To perform the right exercises, one must know what his/her body type is and on which parts of the body he needs to focus more. This can be done when one has full knowledge of the muscles of his/her body and which exercise is best for which muscle. After knowing the good exercises for each muscle group, one becomes able to follow a workout routine which produces the best results.

A workout should be planned in such a way that it has exercises that focus on each muscle group, so the body gets in a beautiful, completely symmetrical shape. It is essential for everybody to focus on building a balanced body due to several reasons, e.g. a balanced body looks beautiful, is healthy, prevents aches and sprains, prevents injuries, is strong and is having more muscle mass instead of extra accumulated fat cells. The knowledge of different muscle groups and good exercises for each muscle group allow a person to plan his workout in a best possible way and hence produce a perfectly toned body which is having many health benefits.

There are 7 major muscle groups in the human body, by focusing on these significant muscles groups one can quickly become fit within a short period. It is essential to remember that a workout should always be complemented with a properly balanced diet, peaceful sleep and a relaxed state of mind to get the required results. Presented here are the 7 muscle groups and good exercises for each muscle group, the knowledge of which can help a person develop the best-suited workout for him/her.

1. Quadriceps

Quadriceps are the four big muscles that make the front of your thigh. These muscles are best worked through exercises like squats and lunges. These exercises do not need any special equipment and can be done anywhere at any time.

2. Hamstrings

Hamstrings are one of the most underrated muscle groups. These are the muscles which make up the back of your thighs. The best way to work these muscles out is through deadlifts. Either it is Romanian deadlifts or stiff legged deadlifts, both work the best for this muscle group. At an advanced level, one can even perform kettlebell deadlifts.

3. Calves

Calves are the muscles on the back portion of the lower leg. These are tough muscles and are very hard to be worked on. The best exercises for this muscle group are calf raises (both standing and seated), jumping rope and squats. The muscles are hard to build but enhance one’s beauty a thousand times when worked out properly.

4. Chest

The chest is the most important muscle of the body for both men and women. Working out on these muscles is very important but as valuable as the other major muscle groups. The best exercises for this muscle group are presses (barbell bench press, decline press, chest press, dumbbell press), pec-decks and dips.

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5. Back

The bag is one of the most significant and most important muscle group. Deadlifts, pull-ups, and pull-down exercises are the best for the back.

6. Shoulders

The upper part of the back just above the arms and below the neck makes the shoulders. The best exercise for shoulders is shoulder press. This exercise helps in toning all the three parts of the shoulder.

7. Triceps and Biceps

Triceps and biceps make the upper part of the arms and are of enormous importance. They can be worked out by curls, extensions, and pulldowns.

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