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It is always a good idea to buy a muscle building supplement by reading a trusted review such as this. If you are thinking of buying it to enhance your bodybuilding performance or muscle growth, you should read this trusted and well-versed HGH x2 review. Here in this review, I will share my personal experience and how I felt after using this product by CrazyBulk.


I was looking for a supplement which improves muscle growth. Well, not only improve but enhance muscle growth. I had to go on a tour, and I had that huge belly which would look awkward during with my friends. Trust me; you do not want to go on a hike with a belly that I once had. Well, there was this steroid which I have been listening, Somatropin. They say it is the best muscle builder and also good for fat burning. But it is a synthetic human growth hormone. I will share my story when I took this steroid later in this review.

I made the right decision by choosing the natural HGH supplement

You do not want to get a huge belly stacking up the hill! Trust me, it would look so awkward, and it would also slow you down when you are with your friends who are on a hike up the mountains. No matter how much they love you, they would still not appreciate it if you slow them down on a trip.

You don’t want that right? I didn’t want that either! I did not like the idea of that. I was hoping to get rid of the Fats that I had and also gain some quick muscles. It would have been my fate had I not chosen the HGH X2 from CrazyBulk.

Before I used HGH X2

I asked a friend of mine who to lose this belly and gain that bodybuilder type muscles, and he said, it easy; get some steroids! Everyone takes them! Well, there I had the solution to my problem. I heard about this amazing steroid Somatropin. I used it, but it also came with some side effects. I did get the results that I needed, but for a short term.

When I stopped using it, the muscles stopped growing in proper shape, and I had huge weight gain. There is one thing that you must understand if you are taking steroids like the bodybuilders and professionals, you need to keep them using for life. Once you stop, they will have severe adverse effects on your health.

I was hoping to look for a product that is natural and works even I stopped taking it. It was then when I came across HGH 2x by CrazyBulk.

I will tell you all about that amazing product in this review. It is a reliable review and has all the information you need on the product as an alternate for Somatropin. In this review I will also discuss the steroid Somatropin and why should you not use it.

Trust me, the HGH 2X is a natural supplement and is also legal, as compared to the steroids. Read this HGH X2 review; you willknow why I chose to use this product instead of the direct interacting steroid.

All about Somatropin

There is a lot of talk about Somatropin over the web and in the general public. Our body has a mechanism to naturally produce this hormone. It is also known as HGH or Human Growth Hormone. But when I say Somatropin I mean the synthetic steroid prepared in the lab and sold as a supplement for bodybuilders. This steroid is very famous among the bodybuilders who need lean mass and fat burn in less time.

Think about how your body will react when you ingest a hormone directly. It will work wonders. But it will also have side effects. Well, I heard about the amazing results that this steroid would give me and I took it.

It was not a good decision, and I regret making it!

On the other hand, the HGH X2 is a 100% natural supplement which mimics the results of the steroid.

Where can you get Somatropin?

Taking steroids is illegal. However, you can get the steroids to form many drug stores which sell it under a different name. It is also available online. However, Somatropin is not a “Controlled Substance” in the US. But it is always better to take the natural supplement as compared to the lab-prepared synthetic hormones.


What results do you get from Somatropin?

I am honest; you get amazing results when you use this product!

I will not deny that this steroid does not work. It works, and it will give you lean mass, and with some bodybuilding and gym, you will get six-pack abs that you once dream! It works wonders, and it will also help you lose that extra fat which you have all over your body. It burns the fat not only from your belly but also from other parts of the body.



When I used Somatropin

I was stunned by the results it gave me, even after two weeks of use. With proper gym and workout, I got what I wanted.

I lose almost half the fat on my body. It also gave me strength and improved my stamina. I never felt so great in my life. It was it, the best solution to the problem that I had!

But, I was wrong.

You may still think that if I am telling it works and gives the muscles and a nice body, why should you not buy it?

Before you buy the Somatropin, there are a few more facts which I would like to share with you. It is not fair to know only one side of the story. There are some adverse effects of this steroid.

The Disadvantages of Somatropin

You all know what a human growth hormone is. It is a naturally occurring hormone that our body produces to increase muscle growth. It is also known as Somatropin. It is available on the market in synthetic form as a steroid. It is also only available as an injection.

One of the worst side effects that you will face by taking this steroid is pancreatitis. It will create severe pain in the upper stomach towards your back. If you take it in excessive amounts, you may also start vomiting and nausea. It is a sign that you should call a doctor.

It will cause stomach pain and also rapid weight gain if you stop taking it. You may also feel your muscles swelling. When that happens, you will experience joint pain. I felt that too. I thought it was temporary, but it was not.

A few more problems

One of the most obvious effects which were visible was the change of skin color at the point of injection. The synthetic steroid is a chemical, so it has direct contact with the skin which causes a change in the color. If you inject at the same spot every time, it will cause sores.

It also increases blood pressure. It will also increase your thirst. At first, I thought it was a good sign; I will be drinking more water! But it’s not. It increases blood sugar levels and keeps your mouth dry all the time. Drinking excessive water will not get you muscles.

It is why you should never rely on the steroids. Do not get impressed by the bodybuilders and professionals. They always have backup plans, and they take medication along with these steroids.

There are many more side effects you will come across if you ask other people who took this steroid. Well, why should you risk your health if you have a natural solution? You have the HGH x2 which is a natural supplement and a perfect alternate for Somatropin.

The HGH X2

Now I will tell you all that I know about this amazing product.

It is a perfect natural supplement that you should use for gaining muscles, improving stamina, burning fat and cutting cycles.

You may not want to inject yourself with the chemical steroids to get the muscles. You need a natural solution. It is a perfect product that mimics the similar results as Somatropin.

There is one thing that you should understand. Why take steroids and experience side effects when you have products such as HGH X2 with no side effects?

How HGH x2 works?

In our body the hormone responsible for muscle growth is HGH. It is a powerful anabolic hormone that our body produces. As you grow old, the body reduces the production of this hormone. There are several amino acids which boost the production of this hormone in your body.

It is how this natural product works. It increases the production of the HGH in our body which ensures muscle growth. It works as the fuel for HGH in our body. This product has amazing results and also has all natural ingredients. When you take these pills, your body will start producing that hormone naturally. Instead of injecting the Hormone now your body will synthesize it which is a natural process. It is why this product does not have any side effects. I was amazed by its results.

This product also increases the testosterone production. It gave me strength and I had more stamina after using it.

Well, it will give you that boost that you need. It will give you strength, muscles and the lean mass which you wanted. It will also burn the excessive fat.

The ingredients

The HGH x2 has Maca, Hawthorn berry, Mucuna Pruriens, L-Arginine. All these ingredients are natural and are necessary for bodybuilding.

Maca improves the energy levels and promotes weight loss. It is also good for the functioning of the thyroid.

Mucuna Pruriens is an excellent ingredient for after-workout performance. It helps blood flow in the muscles and also relaxes the muscles.

The Hawthorn berry is good for pumping blood to the parts of the body and supplying the nutrients to the muscles for proper growth and shaping. Ti also helps reduce the cholesterol levels and regulate the blood pressure.

One of the essential ingrains is L-Arginine. It is the natural release for HGH. It is an amino acid which stimulates the production of the HGH.

It’s all in here! It has all the natural ingredients that you need for muscle growth and fat burning. Why then go for steroids!

Does it work?

HGH X2 does work! It is a wonderful product. When you use it for a month, you will feel the difference. There are no negative effects of this natural supplement. It is also in the form of pills and not injection.  After using this product, I felt amazing.

  • It has an amazing all-natural formula. I got what I wanted. I had those perfect muscles and a slim belly in no time for that hiking trip. I felt amazing as it also improved my stamina.
  • It also improved my health. I had no blood pressure issues or cholesterol levels.
  • One thing I also observed was faster muscle recovery.
  • What I also got was a good muscle shape.


This HGH X2 has 20 pills in one bottle.

To get the best results you should follow the recommended dosage.

The recommended dosage:

You can take two capsules a day. Unlike other supplements, you should take this in the morning before you have your breakfast. I would suggest that you take the two capsules 20 minutes before your breakfast.

I highly recommend that you use these capsules for two months.

When I used these capsules, I never had alcohol or soft drinks. I would strongly recommend quitting eating pizzas with cheese. Have a proper diet plan. Also, you must have an exercise plan. It is how you will get the optimum results.

Hgh X2 results?

It would help if you never relied on steroids as I did. I learned my lesson by using Somatropin as an injection. Well, I did not get better results once I stopped using it. Also, I faced a lot of problems with my health. It was as if my entire body was always tired.

Once you read this authentic review, you will come to know that HGH X2 is the best alternate for Somatropin. It has all the ingredients which are legal. You won’t even need a prescription from a physician to take these capsules. I got the results that I needed in 45 days. I didn’t want to take more capsules, so I quit taking these capsules. And guess what, no side effects or weight gain. It is the benefit of taking the natural supplements.


Now that you have an authentic review, where I share my personal experiences. It would help if you bought this supplement. You can buy it from the official website for only $59.99. The only thing that I do not like is that it is not available anywhere else besides their official website. Well, it’s a good thing, this way people will know that it is the original product.

So, if you would ask me to pick a supplement for muscle gain and bodybuilding and muscle recovery, I would suggest you choose CrazyBulk’s HGH x2.

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