Top 3 Best Workout Routines

Workout routines are the newest trend in town. Everybody wants to stay fit without putting much effort and money in it. A workout routine is a combination of different exercises which are done in different combinations to produce the desired results. It is essential for a person to have a regular workout routine because a workout routine provides many benefits to a person both internally and externally.

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Some of the benefits provided by the best workout routine are:

  • It is suitable for muscles and bones.
  • It makes one healthy and fit.
  • It improves skin health.
  • It improves memory and overall brain health.
  • It helps one in relaxing.
  • It increases one’s energy.
  • It reduces the risks of dangerous diseases.

Due to all these benefits, many people are adopting a healthier lifestyle by starting to follow different workout plans and trying to get a properly balanced diet. Before one begins to follow the best workout routine, he must keep few things in his mind, e.g. the type of his/her body, the kind of workout he/she needs to follow, what result does one desire, etc. Presented here are three best workout routines which are said to produce excellent results in a short period.

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1. Cardio Workout Routine

Cardio exercise is a type of training, which increases the heart rate. This type of activity is mostly used for weight loss by burning fat cells and calories. It makes heart and blood vessels stronger and improves the heart’s blood pumping capacity. It is also said to increase lung capacity. It majorly helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. A best cardio workout routine consists of several sets and reps of some major cardio and aerobic exercises, e.g. running (on a moderate pace) is the best and simplest cardio exercise which burns many calories and is the best way to burn calories on a longer run. Stair climbing, jumping rope, cycling, kettlebells, swimming, rowing, sprinting, skaters, rollbacks, burpees, toe taps, frog jumps, sit outs, bench runners, lunges, vertical jacks and feet drops are the best cardio exercises which can be done with minimum equipment and produce excellent results. This workout routine is one of the best workout routines.

2. Strength Workout Routine

Strength training is a kind of exercise which beliefs in the use of maximum resistance to produce muscle contractions which helps in building muscle strength and increases bone density. It also helps in increasing the size and number of skeletal muscles. Strength training workout makes one stronger and fitter. They also help in muscle building and increased muscle and bone strength. Strength training also helps in improving body posture and setting body mechanics. It also helps in managing several chronic diseases. Some of the best strength building exercises are squats, pushups, walking lunges, dumbbell rows, planks, jumping jacks, presses (bench, push and over-head), rowing, chin up/pullup, deadlifts, curls, etc. These workouts produce excellent results in relatively shorter periods due to their ability to increase muscle mass and reduce fat cells.

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3. Bodyweight Workout Routine

Bodyweight exercises are the exercises which use one’s body weight to increase its strength. These exercises enhance speed, endurance, power, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The best part about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere at any time without the requirement of any specialized equipment. Some best bodyweight exercises are lunges, bridges, squats, and planks.

It must be kept in mind that these workout routines produce the best results when they are complemented with a balanced diet and a relaxing atmosphere. If done correctly and whole-heartedly, these exercises produce excellent results.

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